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Bella Capelli BC-535 6.5"
  • Bella Capelli BC-535 6.5"

    SKU: BC-535

    Bella Capelli BC-535 6.5" 

    Professional hairdressing shear, made from J2 grade cobalt molybdenum stainless steel in the USA and hand-sharpened for superior cutting performance. This affordable and well-balanced shear comes with a removable finger rest and finger inserts for added comfort. It's perfect for point cutting and scissor over comb styles.

    Our Bella Capelli line of shears is designed for comfort and style, with a unique and beautiful design. This high-quality shear is priced affordably, unlike other shears of similar quality that cost up to 5 times as much.

    Please note that the pictures may not do this spectacular shear justice, but it's so nice that we didn't want to ruin it with a satin finish for better photos. We know that someone will enjoy using this shear every day for many years to come.

    We stand behind our products and offer a service guarantee.

    All of our items come with a $6.00 service fee to cover the return shipping.

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