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BI-0156 Bianco Custom 6.75" W/Solid Finger Rest
  • BI-0156 Bianco Custom 6.75" W/Solid Finger Rest

    SKU: BI-0156

    Introducing the BI-0156 Bianco Custom 6.75" with solid finger rest from our collection of custom hair shears. This high-quality shear features a patented locking screw with clicking adjustments, ensuring that you can easily achieve the perfect tension for your cutting needs. The unique design of this shear not only provides precision cutting, but also offers a light and sharp feel that will enhance your overall cutting experience. Additionally, this shear comes with a stylish zippered case to keep it safe and secure when not in use. Elevate your hair cutting game with the

    BI-0156 Bianco Custom 6.75" shear, designed with professional hairstylists in mind.

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