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BI-G-0147 Bianco Custom 6.1/8" W/Finger Rest
  • BI-G-0147 Bianco Custom 6.1/8" W/Finger Rest

    SKU: BI-G-0147
    Introducing the BI-G-0147 Bianco Custom 6.1/8" with Removable Finger Rest, the ultimate tool for professional hairstylists looking for precision and control. This beautifully polished shear is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also incredibly lightweight and super sharp, allowing for effortless and precise cutting. Crafted from J2 Cobalt Molybendium Stainless Steel, this shear is designed to withstand daily salon use without losing its sharp edge. The adjustable clicking screw ensures that the shear doesn't loosen during use, providing a consistent and reliable cutting experience. Made in the USA, this custom shear is a must-have for any stylist looking for quality and performance in their tools.
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