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BI-P5001 Custom 6" Shears
  • BI-P5001 Custom 6" Shears

    SKU: BI-P5001

    BI-P5001 Custom 6" Shears

      This is our premium custom made 6" with finger rest shears.  Just take a look at the design.  Bent finger holes for comfort and offset design for total control hair cutting.  Smooth action with clicking tentioning knob. These shears will lase for years as they are precision made from J2 Japanese cobalt molybendum stainless. These are forged and hand finished inthe USA.  limited quantities.  they are so special I even made a custom box to go with them. The box is made from premium maple veneered plywood.  The video shows me laser marking the tags that go on top of the box.  other companies would sell this quality shear at well over $1000.00.  But at Bianco Innstruments we want every Hair designer to be able to afford a real great shear.  Made in the USA.  The ultimate tool for precision hair cutting.

      $399.99 Regular Price
      $349.99Sale Price
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