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Bianco Extreme EX-6000 6" Nail Cutter/Splitter
  • Bianco Extreme EX-6000 6" Nail Cutter/Splitter

    SKU: EX-6000

        The best nail cutters you can buy!  The standard that all others will be compared to. The NEW Bianco Extreme line of professional nail cutters/splitters are specially crafted to Extreme high tolerances. Made from our proprietary stainless steel / chrome blend for superior strength and hardness (between 50-52 RWH), this new compound grade of surgical grade stainless is proprietary to Bianco Extreme Instruments and is made to withstand many years of professional sterilization and use. Notice how perfect the lock is made (see picture 2). Designed and finished by Dominic Bianco himself, the box lock on these unique instruments is smaller to give more cutting power and precision to where the blades meet. The tolerance on the locks is unlike any on the market today. The ergonomically designed handles sit comfortably in all hand sizes to reduce fatigue and the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. We use the finest spring steel available to ensure long lasting smooth and soft but responsive operation and one side is locked to the handle, so they don't come loose. Available in 5 different tip styles:


    • Medium Point: Preferred by most podiatrists for its ease of cutting and longevity. The Medium Point boasts heavy duty cutting power.


    • Fine Point: Preferred by most podiatrists for its precision and handling, Fine Point tips can get to the toughest ingrown nails. Guaranteed Certified Hardness for fine points that outlast the competitions.
    • Blunt Point: This is the Beefiest of all the points you can get. It turns down almost at a right angle so there's no sharp point, yet it is harder to get into the corners with
    • D Tip: Specially designed for precision; a Fine Point With 1MM of the Tip Angled 45 Degrees Down. This results in a Fine Point Instrument that can withstand moderate cutting. Much less likelihood of hurting the patient or yourself
    • Cut Back Tip: Gets into tight places like the nail bed corners and sides. Yet, because this is similar to a medium point, it has much more resistance to bending and spreading.


    All Bianco instruments are fully guaranteed and come with our exclusive service agreement.



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