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Cucina Napoli 6 Piece Stainless Professional Knife Set
  • Cucina Napoli 6 Piece Stainless Professional Knife Set

    SKU: BI-CN-006

          BI-CN-006 Cucina Napoli 6 Piece Kitchen Knife set.

        A kitchen is not complete without a beautiful knife set ready to help you creat culinary delights for your family and friends.

        Cucina Napoil 6 piece knife set is a profeshional grade set of knive that can take your cooking skills to the next level. 

        This incredible deal gets you 4 large and 2 small preparation knives.


    Santoku knife: A large drop point chefs knife used for cutting vegetables.

    Chef's knife: A large cutting chefs knife, slightly longer for vegetable chopping.   

    Bread knife: Serrated bread cutting knife.  Slender and slightly flexible.

    Slicing/Carving knife: Flexible long knife.  Used for slicing steak and making thin cuttlets.

    Steak knife: Small testing and serving knife.

    Paring knife: Smallest in the set. A small fruit and garlic cutting knife.


         Hand Finished in the USA,  these knives are guaranteed to keep their sharpness for years!  The one-piece stainless-steel constrution makes each of them durable,  light to handle,  and dishwasher safe,  (We do not encourage putting any cutlery in the dishwasher). These are perfectly balanced knives made for everyday use.  The handles are just the right size for most medium to large size hands.  Included is a hard plastic blade sleeve to protect the razor-sharp edge.  All Bianco Instruments come with our exclusive service agreement and guarantee.


        Please use causion when using any Cuchina Napoli product.  Every item is made to have super sharp edges and will outperform anything on the market today.

       Cucina Napoli is a registered  Trademark of Bianco Instruments LLC.

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      $81.00Sale Price


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