Cucina Napoli 9 Piece Damascus Print Knife Set
  • Cucina Napoli 9 Piece Damascus Print Knife Set

    A kitchen is not complete without a full knife set, and the stunning Damascus steel style print on these professional-grade knives will definitely impress your dinner guests. This incredible deal gets you 5 large and 4 small preparation knives.


    Santoku Knife: A large preparation knife characterized by the notches in the blade.

    Nakiri Knife: A large square knife. Used mostly for cutting vegetables.

    Chef's Knife: A large chopping knife, largest in the set.

    Bread Knife: Large serrated bread cutting knife. Slender and slightly flexible.

    Slicing/Carving Knife: Flexible long knife that comes to a very sharp point

    Steak Knife: Small testing and serving knife.

    Fillet Knife: Though smaller than a traditional fillet knife, this knife is still best for thin fillets of meat.

    Deba Knife: A miniature Santoku knife. Best for smaller preparation.

    Pearing Knife: Smallest in the set. A small fruit cutting knife.


    Hand Finished in the USA, these knives are guaranteed to keep their sharp edge for years! These are perfectly balanced Knives made for everyday use. The handles are just the right size for most normal size hands and made with a beautiful wood finish. All Bianco Instruments come with our exclusive service agreement and guarantee.