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The Beginning ...

It all started in 1972 when my father John Bianco, purchased a small sharpening service from a gentleman named Bert Salerno. Bert had worked for the German owned company Langbine Instruments and opened his own sharpening repair company in Brooklyn, New York when Langbine Instruments liquidated all of its assets around 1964. I had the unique opportunity to learn from Bert, as well as my dad and several of the friends he made. As a young boy I remember the lessons taught to me, as I could not reach the machines and needed the help of a green wooden box to stand on. As my teachers soon found, I was a quick study with a tremendous desire to make tools; They taught me the entire industry and all the working components .. From different types of hand files, to the many different types of grinding wheels, what they were made of and the many kinds of grits and compounds used to make and polish all types of metals.

I remember my father's friend Frank Maturi, Frank was born into the knife industry with his roots imbedded in the art of knife sharpening and manufacturing. Frank traveled around the world in search of any small sharpening shops that he could make friends with and learn a trick or two. Frank passed along to me the things he learned about knife making and scissor sharpening. To this day, I still think of him every time I pick up a scissor, His kindhearted words "do it again the way I showed you this time". Yea Frank was tough, but he knew that the only way to succeed in this business was by "being the BEST"! I soon found clients asking me to sharpen their instruments and continued to do so along my father's side for 20 years. During this time, we created our own line of instruments Bianco Brothers. My father retired in 1992 giving myself and my brothers his business and I continued to make and design the instruments for over 25 years. As the CEO and President, I created many special instruments allowing myself to become a proud recipient of 5 patents and expanded the small sharpening service to manufacturing the instruments many of you have come to know.

In 2017, I relocated to Virginia and continue to design and manufacture quality instruments under my own company, Bianco Instruments, LLC. It is my goal to make the BEST cutlery and innovative instruments in the world, so my clients will be proud to own and recommend them to anyone.


Warmest Regards,

Dominic J. Bianco

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