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All Bianco Instruments are Guaranteed for 5 Years from date of purchase.

Bianco Instruments Guarantees all its instruments to be free of manufacturers defects

and made from the finest materials available.

Bianco Instruments has taken every precaution to ensure that their products are the 

best you can buy.  With proper use and maintenance will last for many years.

Bianco Instruments does not guarantee against failure due to improper use or poor

sterilization practices. All Bianco Instruments should be serviced at least once a year.

Failing to service, or servicing your Bianco Instrument with other service providers 

will void the guarantee.  If any Bianco Instrument fails to

perform to its standard please return it as per our service policy. 

 Quality Instruments & Cutlery Made With Love!

Bianco Instruments Service

policy & prices

Bianco Instruments does not charge for sharpening of their brand instruments.  

To receive our FREE Sharpening on your Bianco Instruments please follow the instructions below.


Bianco Instruments Attention Service

13051 Gables Green Way 

Catharpin Va.  20143

Please include a phone number & e-mail so we can contact you for payment.

Service Cost $6.00 per instrument Includes the following

1-Sharpening (FREE!)

2-Spring Replacement

3-Screw Replacement

4-Cleaning & Lubrication

5-Return Shipping and Handling

This service is for Bianco Instruments brand Only!

When shipping instruments for service please include the following:

1-Your Contact information including your name, e-mail, phone number, and return address

2-Wrap all instruments in paper so they do not rattle in the box or poke through.

If you wish to pay by check please include this in your package make all checks payable to

Bianco Instruments LLC.

Bianco Instruments reserves the right to replace springs and screws as needed.

Service for all other Brand Instruments!

Nail Cutters   $10.00 each

Replacement Springs   $2.50 each

Replacement Screws  $2.50 each

Tissue or Cuticle Nippers  $8.00 each

Surgical Scissors $10.00 each

Hair Dressing Scissors   $15.00 each

House, Commercial, & Hunting Knives   $5.00 each

If you are sending mixed Brand instruments for service please include your:

Name, Address, e-mail, & phone number.

We will contact you for payment.

We can service many other items please call or e-mail if you need something special sharpened

Thank You!

Remember to insure your package!

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