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BI-022 Nose Hair Scissor
  • BI-022 Nose Hair Scissor

    SKU: BI-022

    The Bianco Instruments 022 Nose Hair Scissor is a professional-grade instrument designed specifically for trimming long nose hairs inside the nostril. Made from surgical-grade stainless steel and hand sharpened to produce a superior cut and smooth feel, they are great for nostrils of all sizes and shapes. Features unique blunt edges so they cannot puncture the nasal wall. Originally only sold to licensed cosmetologists. These shears will remain razor sharp for years under normal professional use and are ambidextrous as well. Super smooth and razor sharp!




    ADVISORY: This shear is hand-sharpened to have a superior professional edge. Using this product to cut anything other than hair will dull its edge significantly. This shear is best used around the nose and slightly within the nostril. NOT any deeper into the nasal canal. Please exercise caution when using and keep out of reach of children.

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