BI-166 5" Nail Splitter / Cutter
  • BI-166 5" Nail Splitter / Cutter

    SKU: BI-166 M/F/B/CB/D TIP

    Made of Stainless Steel and featuring a Box Lock, Double Springs, and our Triple Polished Satin Finish, the BI-166 5" Nail Splitter / Cutter is the most popular size in podiatry surgery. Made of the finest grade surgical Stainless Steel and combined with our Certified Hardness, makes this nail splitter the #1 choice of podiatrists around the world. Available in 5 different tip styles:


    • Medium Point: Preferred by most podiatrists for its ease of cutting and longevity. The Medium Point boasts heavy duty cutting power.


    • Fine Point: Preferred by most podiatrists for its precision and handling, Fine Point tips can get to the toughest ingrown nails. Guaranteed Certified Hardness for fine points that outlast the competitions.


    • Blunt Point: This is the Beefiest of all the points you can get. It turns down almost at a right angle so there's no sharp point, yet it is harder to get into the corners with.


    • D Tip: ($10 extra) Specially designed for precision; a Fine Point With 1MM of the Tip Angled 45 Degrees Down. This results in a Fine Point Instrument that can withstand moderate cutting. Much less likelihood of hurting the patient or yourself.


    • Cut Back Tip: ($10 extra) Gets into tight places like the nail bed corners and sides. Yet, because this is similar to a medium point, it has much more resistance to bending and spreading.


    All Bianco instruments are fully guaranteed and come with our exclusive service agreement.