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BI-569 Combo- 7" Hair Shear and 40 Tooth Thinning
  • BI-569 Combo- 7" Hair Shear and 40 Tooth Thinning

    SKU: BI-569

    Bi-569 Combo- 7" including the finger rest is truly a deal. 

    Forged with Japanese sword steel and hand finished by Dominic Bianco.  For the most demanding hair cutting artists. Excellently balanced and razor sharp.  Hand honed with my grandfathers razor hone and leather stroped to perfection. The 40 tooth thinning shears are incredable taking just the right amount of hair in one cut. The blades are just the right thickness and serated. The high polish finish on these shears take Dominic almost 5 hours to finish and are so shinny they are impossible to photograph corectly.  All Bianco Instruments come with our exclusive lifetime service warranty.  This shear kit is from the custom shop, limited production and in the past similar shears have sold for over $600 each.  

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