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Bianco Extreme 007 6" Heavy Nail Cutter / Splitter
  • Bianco Extreme 007 6" Heavy Nail Cutter / Splitter

    Bianco Extreme 007 6" Heavy Nail Cutter / Splitter 

    New SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT nail cutter introduction to the Extreme line. It is the largest and most powerful professional podiatry nail cutting instrument!


     Made from our proprietary stainless steel / chrome blend for superior strength and hardness (between 50-52 RWH), this new compound grade of surgical grade stainless is proprietary to Bianco Extreme Instruments and is made to withstand many years of professional sterilization and use. The ergonomically designed handles sit comfortably in all hand sizes to reduce fatigue and the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. We use the finest spring steel available to ensure long lasting operation. The springs are fine tuned to be easier to operate and even has a convenient handle lock on one side to keep them closed when not in use. Available in 2 different tip styles:


    • Curved: Preferred by many podiatrists for its ease of cutting and longevity. The Curved Point boasts heavy duty cutting power and a perfect curve to make shaping the nail easier. Comes to a fine point for increased prescision.


    • Straight: Preferred by many podiatrists for its precision and handling, the Straight Point tip can get into tight areas and cuts more like a nail splitter.


    All Bianco instruments are fully guaranteed and come with our exclusive service agreement.



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