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Bianco Extreme EX-5000 English Anvil
  • Bianco Extreme EX-5000 English Anvil

    SKU: EX-5000

    EX-5000 Extreme English Anvil Nail Cutter 5". Made from high grade stainless steel with nice soft spring action, this English anvil will sure be one of your favorite instruments. The anvil part is the flat side made thin, so it slides under the nail bed easily. Hand honed blade cuts precisely and easily. The NEW Bianco Extreme line of professional nail cutter/splitters are specially crafted to Extreme high tolerances. Made from our proprietary stainless steel / chrome blend for superior strength and hardness (between 50-52 RWH), this new compound grade of surgical grade stainless is proprietary to Bianco Extreme Instruments and is made to withstand many years of professional sterilization and use. Designed and finished by Dominic Bianco himself, the box lock on these unique instruments is smaller to give more cutting power and precision to where the blades meet. The tolerance on the locks is unlike any on the market today. The ergonomically designed handles sit comfortably in all hand sizes to reduce fatigue and the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. We use the finest spring steel available to ensure long lasting operation. The springs are fine tuned to be easier to operate and one side is locked to the handle, so they do not come loose.



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