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BI-980 Dry Cut+For Wet or Dry Hair 6" With Finger Rest
  • BI-980 Dry Cut+For Wet or Dry Hair 6" With Finger Rest

    SKU: BI-980

    The Bianco Instruments 6" BI-980 Dry Cut Plus Hairdressing Shears are made for dry cutting hair. This shear has the ability to cut dry hair and wet hair. Now you can express yourself fully as a hair cutting artist. They are designed to cut clean and hold the hair in place better than conventional scissor edges, while still being able to slide cut and point cut. Great for finishing work and recommended by platform hair cutting artists. Features include a removable pinky rest for differing hairdressing techniques, removeable finger inserts, and an easy-adjusting center nut that clicks for precise tightness. All Bianco instruments are fully guaranteed and come with our exclusive service agreement.


    ADVISORY: This shear is hand-sharpened to have a superior professional edge. Using this product to cut anything other than hair will dull its edge significantly. Please exercise caution when using and keep out of reach of children.

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