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Bianco Instruments Round Kitchen Sharpening Steel
  • Bianco Instruments Round Kitchen Sharpening Steel

    This is the profesional size sharpening steel 12" rod   17" overall. Fine cut to maintain your knives in razor sharp condition.


    The perfect complement to our knife set. This sharpening steel, when used correctly, will extend the life of your knives in razor sharp codition for years.  The fine tooth design of the filing edges make for a smaller and sharper edge on your knives. Directions for use are as follows:


    • Hold the knife in your dominant hand, your steel in the other.
    • Put the knife onto the steel on an angle as if intending to cut into the tool. The angle should be as close to the edge's angle as possible.
    • Drag the knife edge in a sweeping motion across your chest so the edge, at the angle described, both goes forward and sideways allowing the steel's teeth to grind down the edge of the knife.
    • Do so for both sides of the knife, one on top of the steel, the other underneath. Do not switch hands.
    • Speed is not key, angle is.
    • Wipe knife with a dry or damp rag to remove any metal shavings from the sharpening process. Experiment with different angles until the desired edge is produced. Only test the edge once you have wiped the knife free of debris.


    This is only to be used when the knife is still sharp but not sharp enough to cut through softer or tougher material like tomato, steak, or poultry without crushing it. For completely dull or damaged knives, please contact me for a sharpening consultation. All Bianco Instruments products are backed by an exclusive service guarantee.

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