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Cucina Napoli Narrow Fillet Knife
  • Cucina Napoli Narrow Fillet Knife

    SKU: BI-CN-808

       BI-CN-808 Cucina Napoli 8.25" Fillet Knife.


        Cucina Napoli 8.25" Fillet Knife is made from high-carbon stainless steel.  This knife is perfect for cutting thin fillets from all kinds of meat, especially flat fish like flounder and fluke.  Hand finished and sharpened in the U.S.A..

        As an avid angler,  I spent years trying different fillet knives of many steel types.  The Cucina Napoli Fillet knife is the best for filleting fish.  It also is awesome to make thin cuttlets or slicing london broil to thin angled slices.  

        Features an ergonomic sure-grip rubber handle for grip and balance. Light weight,  ridiculously sharp,  medium flex,  and a high carbon stainless steel blade. 


      Please use causion when using any Cuchina Napoli product.  Every item is made to have super sharp edges and will outperform anything on the market today.

       Cucina Napoli is a registered  Trademark of Bianco Instruments LLC.

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