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BI-351/352 Nail Spatula Packer Spatula,
  • BI-351/352 Nail Spatula Packer Spatula,

    SKU: BI-351/BI-352

    The BI-351/352 Nail Spatula Packer Spatula is an essential tool for any professional podiatrist. Made with high-quality surgical-grade stainless steel, this spatula is designed for durability and precision. The custom hand-shaped tips come in two different styles: the Packer Spatula, which features a spade tip to a medium point, and the Packer Elevator, which has a thin flat tip designed to get under the nail bed to remove ingrown nails after they have been cut. This instrument is perfect for  effectively manipulating and removing nails during podiatric procedures. With its reliable construction, the Bianco Instruments Spatula is a valuable addition to any surgical instrument collection.

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